Thursday, April 09, 2009

Your Tax Dollars to Support the WMC?

The City of Monona belongs to the DCCVA (Dane County Cities' & Villages' Association). We use city tax dollars to pay the dues. The group was formed a few years back to give a voice to the suburban cities and villages in Dane County vis a vis Madison and the Towns Association. When it sticks to that role it can be very effective at keeping member communities up-to-date on relevant issues as well as lobbying on issues important to smaller cities and villages.

Today, however, we received an email from the executive director of the DCCVA stating "A DCCVA member suggested that this e-mail, summary and DRAFT resolution be sent to the DCCVA membership relating to budget provisions relating to insurance, joint and several liability and contributory negligence." Governor Doyle has proposed rolling back the dirt work of the former GOP-controlled state legislature. This unnamed member of the DCCVA wants to derail Doyle's efforts.

The email came with an attached memo from the "Wisconsin Civil Justice Council, Inc." This group basically carries the water for the WMC's formerly successful efforts to undermine equal justice for consumers and individuals.

I sent an email expressing my strong opposition to DCCVA helping to getting involved in this issue at all. Certainly, DCCVA should be a vehicle for spreading the big business, anti-consumer, anti-wokrer agenda.

The DCCVA has strayed from its mission. Hopefully, they will get back on focus dealing with municipal government issues.


Background and details from the Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ), formerly the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers (WATL):

Governor’s budget provides another important safeguard for consumers: Click here for the full story.

Governor Doyle stands up for consumers, Industry reacts with ridiculous claims: Click here for the full story.
Click here for a summary of Truth in Auto Insurance.

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