Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Monona City Council Committee Assignments

State law mandates that municipal governing bodies convene for their organizational meeting on the third Tuesday of April. The Monona city council met tonight and re-elected alder Kathy Thomas as Council President.

Council members' committee appointments were submitted by the mayor, but were tabled on the motion of alder Jeff Wiswell, Sr. The council will take up the assignments at its May 4 meeting.

Boards, Committees & Commissions-

Council members
Kathy Thomas, Council President
Doug Wood
Jeff Wiswell, Sr.
Dennis Kugle
Jim Busse
Mike Veserat

(These appointments have not approved and are not effective until approved by the council.)

Finance and Personnel Committee Mayor Kahl, alders Thomas and Wood

Board of Appeals (Zoning appeals) Chair Busse

Broadband Telecommunications Advisory Committee Chair Wiswell

Committee on Family Attraction, Retention, and City Promotion Chair Kugle, Co-chair Thomas

Community Development Authority Wiswell and Busse

Library Board Busse

License Review Committee Chair Wood

Mass Transit Authority Chair Veserat, Co-chair Thomas

Park and Recreation Board Chair Wiswell, Co-chair Kugle

Plan Commission Chair Thomas, Co-chair Busse

Public Safety Commission Chair Wood, Co-chair Veserat

Public Works Committee Chair Kugle, Co-chair Wiswell

Senior Citizens Commission Chair Kugle

Monona Drive Advisory (Ad-Hoc) Wood and Veserat

Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee (Ad Hoc) Wiswell and Kugle
Sustainability Committee (Ad-Hoc) Chair Wood, co-chair Veserat

Census Committee Chair Veserat

The council also confirmed two citizen committee appointments: Moni Rohr to Plan Commission and John Surdyk to CDA.


  1. What do you think Wiswell is upset about?

  2. Thanks for the update-now that I went to UVERSE-I do not have the pleasure of popping popcorn and watching your meetings.

    On the other hand, I do not have to vacuum the floor from throwing popcorn at y'all (while babbling to myself) and my lovely bride will not question my sanity for watching these meetings.

    So here is good one-What is the Census committee? I have a pretty good idea, but thought I would ask.

  3. Do you know what happened to the marketing sub committee?

    The website was supposed to be up and running in January... what a disappointment this committee has been.

  4. "What do you think Wiswell is upset about?" Probably his assignments - losing his spot on Public Safety perhaps. We only got the appointments at the time of the meeting, so maybe the lack of time to consider the appointments.

    It is natural to be less than perfectly pleased with your assigments. I don't know if anyone ever gets exactly what they ask for. Some assignments are more choice than others.

    Should the council exercise its power to revise the appointments? Generally, I'd say 'no' because it would really open a can of worms.

    Some communities give the council president power to make some of the appointments.

  5. "Do you know what happened to the marketing sub committee?"

    Nope. My recollection is that was not a council-created body.

    The vendor has failed to deliver the web site on a timely basis. I don't think anyone is happy with that.

  6. Census committee? We were infoirmed that we are required to create a census committee. The idea is to promote the importance of getting everyone counted.

    HP, I'm glad to hear you are not wasting good popcorn or energy to vacuum!

  7. Why was the marketing committee a bust??

    It didn't have council support, of course!

    One learns quickly that without the fore-concluded council support you will get nowhere........

    Newcomers beware.

  8. "Why was the marketing committee a bust??

    It didn't have council support, of course!"

    Hmmm. That's puzzling. What makes you think that the council did not support the marketing subcomm?

    My recollection is that the council agreed to hire the company they recommended and authorized money for the contract. True, the slogo was not well received, but that was only part of that subcomm's work.

  9. I think the restaurant videos on youtube were a great idea.