Saturday, April 18, 2009

Charter or AT&T U-Verse?

We currently have the Charter bundle for TV, Internet, and phone. I'm considering a change to AT&T U-Verse.

I'm wondering if others, especially in the Monona area, have switched to U-Verse. Do you recommend U-Verse over Charter?

Is it worth it to change? I figure a switch like that has to result in significant improvement to warrant the hassle of changing (sort of like a software change, say from Office 2003 to Office 2007). As far as I can tell, the price is fairly comparable.

Does U-Verse have a feature similar to On Demand? (Charter OnDemand Get the Latest Movies, Sports and Original ...)


  1. Doug, We are getting UVERSE on Tuesday. Perhaps, it will not start, stop and freeze the screen like Charter.

  2. Doug, I am probably switching from DishTV to UVERSE. I know three people who have switched from Charter to UVERSE and have been very happy so far. It's a small number, but so far, positive.

  3. I asked if I could get the PEG services on U-Verse and was told no!
    With a monopoly on PEG, how can we change?

  4. so here's my sad story about UVerse, which is, we can't get it. I spent over an hour on the phone with them about six weeks ago. Our address, a single family home that was built the same time as every other house on the block is not in their database. The properties in back of us, on either side of us and across the street from us are all deemed eligible for U-Verse, but not us. The woman I was on the phone with was caught in Catch-22 because she could not put an order in for our address to be checked if it can get UVerse because it's not in their database. She transferred me all around while she stayed on the line, but nobody could help. I find this all vaguely amusing since they sure as heck have our address for the purposes of mailing our ridiculously expensive ATT cell phone bill.

    So then I called our current provider, Charter, and told them I was thinking about switching to UVerse (not a lie, technically) and I got a much better rate for the next 12 months for our current package without having to agree to a contract period. Maybe by the time the 12 month rate runs out, UVerse will have "found" us.

  5. The reviews I've heard abuot Uverse have been either on par with cable, or slightly above. It's no Verizon FIOS, though...

    As a note, Charter is TERRIBLE about upload speeds, while AT&T is pretty bad at download speed. The base speeds are:

    AT&T: 1.5Mbps down, 1mb up
    Charter: 5Mbps down, 500k up

    What I wouldn't give for FIOS, it starts at 10Mbps down, 2Mbps up. And where it is, the cable company usually has to really step it up or it starts losing customers (my parents have 15 down, 5 up with their *base* package at Cablevision)...

  6. I like the access to WYOU, channel 95, which is available on Charter Cable. Democracy Now, many local meetings...
    Do some have both Charter and something else?