Monday, February 27, 2012

Monona - Belle Isle Dredging Bids and Info Meeting

The City will conduct a Public Information Meeting on February 28th, 2012 at the Monona Community Center 6:30 pm following the review of bids received on Feb. 9th, 2012. Engineers from SCSBT Squared and City staff will be on hand at this meeting to answer any questions.

City's  Belle Isle dredging page.

Dredging FAQs.

The City of Monona opened the bids for the Belle Isle dredging project on February 9, 2012. The low bidder was Veit and Company with a base bid of $511,278.25. The base bid plus Cove Circle came in at $554, 075.75. The engineer's estimate for the project was $600,000 (including Cove Circle). Here is the bid tab summary.
Bid alternates were $56,400 for Alternate 1, $42,797 for Alternate 2 (Cove), and a $63,670 credit for Alternate 3 (subtracting Lagoon du Sud from the project).

Alternate Bid 1 was to remove additional material down to a 5-foot (elevation 840') uniform depth in Sumac Lagoon. Alternative Bid 2 was the Cove dredging which was bid out separately due to permitting requirements. Alternative Bid 3 is to credit the removal of dredging in Lagoon Du Sud.

The City budgeted $250,000 to pay the 30%  in accordance with city ordinances. The stormwater utility will pay the city's share.  With the current base bid results, that amount will more than cover the City’s portion.  However, the City will have to borrow the full project amount to cover expenditures until the resident assessments are paid.

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