Saturday, December 10, 2011

Automated Trash Collection in 2012

Monona Moves to Automated Trash Collection in 2012

Date: 12/02/2011
The City’s residential contract for curbside solid waste and recyclable materials collection expires December 31, 2011, and a new contract with Veolia Environmental Services will begin for 2012. As part of the new contract, the City will change to a fully-automated curbside collection program with with 65- or 95-gallon collection carts, similar to the blue recyclables collection carts we currently use.

The change to automated service for both recycling and trash collection will save about $144,000/year over the current system. This savings assumes about $65,000 in revenue from recycling "rebates", which will be based on market prices.

A few changes:

Collection routes will be completed in two days instead of the three days with our current program. Some residents will have a new collection day, which still needs to be determined.

Large item pickup. The Contractor will operate a Bulk Waste Collection Program through a direct service request and transaction with the resident. Residents will have to contact the Contractor directly for collection of large items that do not fit into the solid waste cart, and for other large items and electronics residents would like to dispose of. The Contractor will then bill the resident directly.

Please contact Public Works Director Dan Stephany at (608) 222-2525 with any questions.

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