Saturday, December 10, 2011

2012 Capital Budget Amendments

The city council approved the 2012 capital budget with a number of amendments at the December 5, 2011 meeting. Here's what my notes show happened on the amendments.

The total 2012 capital budget will be $4,750,401 (of which about $2.3 million is for Monona Drive). Some items that remained in the capital budget may be funded from the city's reserve funds (i.e. not borrowed), based on the large savings the city will realize on group health insurance rates.

Amendment to reduce police car purchases from three to two (cut $26,000). Passed 3-2. I opposed.

Amendment to eliminate a new ambulance (cut $175,000). Failed 1-4. I opposed the amendment.

Amendment to reduce the proposed budget to $175,000 (from $250,000) for sanitary lift station in-place back-up generators passed 5-0.

Amendment to reduce reduce the proposed budget for SCADA system upgrade to $60,000 (from $100,000) passed 5-0.  

Amendment to eliminate funding for 1/2 ton pickup failed for lack of a second.

Amendment to eliminate funding for pool concession area failed 2-3.

Amendment to transfer $25,000 from city hall rehab funding to valve maintenance machine passed 4-1. I opposed the amendment because I though the transfer should have come from some other Public Works item and not form the city hall rehab.

Amendment to reduce tree replacement funding from $45,000 to $30,000 passed 5-0. The revised funding is still more than we usually actually spend on tree replacement.

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