Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taylor Defeats Stealth Write-In Effort

Last evening the rumor mill was cranked up about a stealth write-in campaign in the 48th Assembly District race. Chris Taylor won the hotly contested Democratic primary last month and no other candidate was on the ballot.

Apparently there was a write-in campaign, but it was too stealthy to make much of a dent in Taylor's victory margin. She won with slightly over 90% of the votes cast.

While I was rightly skeptical of fears that such a write-in candidate might win, it does raise a question about the motives of those behind the write-in effort and their lack of respect for an open democratic process. Apparently they hoped to win the seat without actually facing the rigors of a contested campaign.

According to Taylor, the public policy director at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, won with 5,459 votes. There were 591 write-in votes against her.

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  1. Was there a pattern to the write-ins, or was it random?
    Where can we see the record of such write-ins?

  2. Any word on who the write-in candidate(s) was/were?

  3. I am a Taylor supporter. Voted for her. But write-in is a legal and thus a valid strategy. It is not disrespectful to run a write-in campaign. Keeping it a secret? That's just stupid because a successful write-in needs more publicity than a candidate on the ballot, but then political stupidity seems to be the fashion these days.

  4. I heard a similar rumor, but I never heard a name that people were supposed to follow. I'm sure some of the votes were for "Mickey Mouse," but I too would like to see if this was organized (with the same name), or just disorganized protesting by right-wing radio listeners.

  5. Doug.

    Can you explain how the redistricting thing is going to affect Monona? Are we truly being moved to another district and therefore won't even be in Chris' area? What does it all mean?

  6. It means the party in power is trying to use their political power today to maximize their chances of perpetuating that power into the future.

    More specifically, it appears that Act 43 does put Monona in District 47 and not 48 (as we are now). Bt I don't have great confidence that I'm understanding the map correctly. D