Thursday, August 04, 2011

Monona Plan Commission Takes Up Housing Proposal

Next Monday, August 8, 2011, the Monona Plan Commission again takes up the (revised) proposed row house development on Femrite Drive at Roselawn.

What do you think?


  1. Where's the plan for the area? Or are we simply going to respond to to every idea that changes the character and fabric of a neighborhood when it comes along? What is the history of the house? Was it the original farm house? Why are they showing Middleton Hills, which is oodles of acres of small acreage lots, not isolated pockets. Are all the homes on Roselawn going to be torn down and replaced with 4 small lot homes? The city should not approve whatever comes along just beacause it might generate more property tax. I understand these homes will sell for way more than most single family homes in Monona are assessed. If this is true, why would anyone buy these?

  2. Much more important than additional property tax revenue is adding new housing stock to Monona; also adding a new type of housing stock.

    I don't get your point about the price being more than the average single-family home and thus why would anyone buy one of these. I don't know yet what the expected sale price of these homes is, but will be learning more soon. It is the nature of an average value that many homes are above that value and many are below.

    These will be new houses with about 2300 total finished square feet.

    The tree plan shows that 5 of 8 live white oaks will be saved. I would like to see them add one or more new oaks and not just maple trees.

    I don't know the history of the parcel, but again expect to learn more soon.

    At this point, I am favorably inclined on this project, but the GDP hasn't come to the council yet. That will probably happen at the August 15 meeting, assuming Plan approves a GDP on Monday, August 8.

  3. I certainly have an open mind about it. Monona needs this sort of housing stock. Not everyone wants to maintain a huge yard, but they still want to live in a detached unit. 2300 sq feet is bigger than many, many homes in Monona so I don't understand why people think the price should be so cheap. I think it will enhance the area, which isn't all that wonderful right now.

    I read about people worrying about the traffic from the density? That's ridiculous. These are six houses! The traffic from Menards is about a million times more than will be caused by just six homes. People cut through on Roselawn all the time. This isn't going to affect traffic flow. I say if there is a developer willing to take this risk, let them do it!