Saturday, July 02, 2011


David VanderLeest, the GOP challenger to State Senator Dave Hansen issued a statement asserting his innocence of criminal wrongdoing. I have not edited his statement, except to add bold font to help you find the spelling mistakes and deleting the first name of his son.

I am an advocate for truth in Brown County. I have sued public officials for curruption and abuse of power, as an attempt to protect the hard working taxpayers, of NE WI. (see federal court case number 07-c-318) I am inocent of every criminal case ever brought against me. Every accusation ever brought fourth, happened because my then wife had a drinking problem, and made false accusations that she later recanted. These cases were intensified at the hand of currupt officials, who viewed me as a political threat, and wanted to silence, suppress, and minimize me, like Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate tryed to do today. Crooked public officals like this do not deserve the public trust. They fear my ability to polarize the public and expose true corruption that takes place at the hand of public officials who have different political views then me. People like this have no morals, and only care about winning, at any and all cost. These officials do not care who they hurt in the process, they are simply interested in protecting their place at the public trough. Hurting David VanderLeest and his seven year old son [], are just ways of getting currupt official the means they desire."

For the record, VanderLeest was in fact convicted of disorderly conduct charges in one of the various complaints filed against him.

Maybe folks are just spelling-challenged in Oconto County. Here's a headline about this race?

GOP candaidate VanderLeest still under investigation in Oconto County

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