Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Shelters

There is a silly rumor going around town that the city of Monona is going to move the Dream Park Shelter to Firemen's Park. This rumor is inaccurate. Here is the real scoop.

As you may have heard, yours truly is Acting Mayor while Mayor Miller is out of the country. Here is my plan: Build a tramway between the Dream Park and Firemen's Park and move the shelter back and forth as needed. Yep, shelter shuttle. It is the latest in urban mass transit. In this case, really massive transit. With some fancy staff work, I know we can get it done. In the short run, the tramway will be manually powered. Jake Anderson will man the ropes at one end and Dan Stephany will man the other.

The construction work crew is already lined up.

When the shelter is not rented, we can sell tram ride tickets. At night, we can suspend the shelter high above the city to keep out the vandals.

You have to admit is not run-of-the-mill Acting Mayor stuff.

And Bob thinks he's getting the gavel back! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!

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