Saturday, June 04, 2011

Monona City Council Preview - June 6, 2011

The Monona city council gathers next Monday. Several items of interest are on the agenda.  

* a. Consideration of Resolution 11-06-1781, 2010 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report (CMAR) Review and Recommendations (Director of Public Works).

b. Consideration of Resolution 11-06-1782 Authorization to Proceed with Planning for Tax Increment District Amendment (CDA). This resolution would begin the process of amending TID #2. City Redevelopment Districts can be viewed here (related but not the same as TIDs). Somewhat dated TID map.TID #2 is at the southern end of the city along Broadway.

* c. Consideration of Resolution 11-06-1783 Approval of Proposal from BT Squared for Design, Surveying, and Construction Engineering Services for 2011 Dredging Project (Public Works Committee). This item is a $54,000 engineering services contract. It concerns me that proposals were not sought from any other engineering firm. I copy the entire resolution below. BT Squared has done the engineering for the Belle Isle street project that is currently underway.

My concerns about the process are several:

Foremost is the lack of engineering proposals from other firms. We might have gotten a better proposal from another firm. BT Squared's involvement in the Belle Isle area gives them a better understanding of the issues relating to the dredging project. Is that factor enough to warrant exclusion of other firms from consideration?

Second, according to the resolution,"the Public Works Committee directed staff to work with BT Squared to develop a proposal to provide design and construction engineering services for the dredging...". Directing staff in that manner is not the PWC's role. I look forward to hearing more about the process at Monday's meeting.

Third, the absence of competing proposals is contrary to city policy for professional contracts in this amount. 

, the 2011 Capital Budget includes of total of $250,000 for Belle Isle dredging to be

completed in conjunction with the scheduled 2011 street improvements to Tecumseh Avenue,

Neponset Trail, Nishishin Trail, Nishishin Trail NE and Pocahontas Drive in the Belle Isle

neighborhood; and,

, the Public Works Committee, acknowledging the work completed by BT Squared to date as

engineer for the 2011 Belle Isle street improvements project, and recognizing the benefits of project

continuity, directed staff to work with BT Squared to develop a proposal to provide design and

construction engineering services for the dredging of the lagoons on Belle Isle; and,

, BT Squared submitted a proposal (attached) which includes planning, design, permitting,

bid document preparation, and construction administration services to dredge silt from Lagoon du

Nord, Lagoon du Sud, and Sumac Lagoon on Belle Isle and pipe the silt to Winnequah Park for

dewatering during the fall of 2011 (Phase 1), then use the dredged material for the grading of a

section of Winnequah Park in 2012 (Phase 2); and,

, the Public Works Committee, at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 1, 2011,

recommended that the City contract with BT Squared to perform Phase I of the work.

by the Common Council of the City of Monona that Phase

I of the proposal by BT Squared to provide design, surveying, and construction engineering services

for the dredging of Lagoon du Nord, Lagoon du Sud, and Sumac Lagoon at a cost not to exceed

$54,130 is hereby approved, and the Director of Public Works is authorized to proceed with the

processing of an Independent Contractor Agreement with BT Squared to provide the aforementioned


, that the Director of Public Works is hereby directed to investigate the

cost and permit requirements needed to dredge the inlet between Cove Circle and Squaw Circle and

to issue a future amendment to the contract with BT Squared to include design and construction

engineering for dredging at this location.


* d. Consideration of Resolution 11-06-1784 Award of Contract for 2011 Road Maintenance Program (Public Works Committee).

* e. Consideration of Resolution 11-06-1785 Award of Contract for 2011 Parking Lot Maintenance Program (Public Works Committee).

H. Miscellaneous Business.

1. Update on South Winnequah Road Safety Recommendations (City Administrator). I requested this report because I'm wondering what the status is of the actions required by the council (other than removing the Frost Woods stop signs).



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  1. It is great to finally see speed patrols on streets other then south Winnequah.