Saturday, June 11, 2011

IE 9 Blows?

Or does it suck?

I recently installed Internet Explorer 9 on my home PC and I am now trying to decide which other browser to use: Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome?

I am not a Microsoft hater and I usually like new applications and new technologies (OK, OK, cell phones were an exception; but now that I have a cell phone, I can honestly say it has been life-changing.). But so far I have not seen any improvement over IE 8. I now get pop ups quite frequently despite having my pop up blocker turned on.

Moreover, the pop ups flicker in a ghost-like fashion. Trying to close them is impossible. And Google Maps Streetview? Trying to use it is more like planning a trip on LSD than planning a trip to Colby. I suppose that could be considered an improvement.


Apparently there is a way to go back to IE 8.


  1. If you use web-based applications some of them don't work well with IE 9. At my work, we've been told not to upgrade yet for this reason. I never upgrade browsers until they have been out for quite a long time. Gotta give the rest of the computing world time to catch up. Let others work out the kinks!

  2. We upgraded in the last couple weeks at work without this problem.

  3. I've done my part to help Google take over the world. I still think Firefox is faster, but it's not by a lot.
    Chrome seems to be about the same speed as IE, but has some nice features. For example, if you can't remember a site, the address bar will automatically turn into a search based on what you type.

  4. Go with Google Chrome! I started using it a few months after it came out and I haven't once thought about going back to IE or Firefox. Chrome is more stable than the other web browsers, and it is a lot more sleek and simple in design. I also like the fact that it updates itself while you are using it, so you don't have to take the time to download and re-install your browser. The only real issue I have encountered with Chrome is that some web-based applications won't work with it yet. However, with Google constantly updating its products, I imagine that won't be a problem for long.

  5. Chrome is great! It is faster and more secure than anything else out there.