Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bikes on Monona Drive - The Broken Part

Local biped Travis Youman sent along this comment and a link to his own blog at Stray Cat Bicycles.

Travis recently wrote a blog post about signage (particularly the "bicycles may use full lane" official MUTCD sign), and asked me whether I thought he should bring it up at the next council meeting. I said, "YES!" I did so partly because I think the signage may be a good idea and partly because I think it is worth having the discussion and partly because things have just been too damn boring around here lately.

Travis would like to do some driver (and cyclist) education, especially on Monona Drive south of Cottage Grove Road at least until the construction is completed. He says he has stirred things up at the city of Madison with Arthur Ross and Robbie Webber with regards to signage/markings/bike lanes on Monona Drive north of Cottage Grove Road.

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