Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sidewalk Near Mayor's House Gets Zapped

A tree was uprooted at the corner of Frost Woods and Winnequah Road today. As it fell, the tree apparently took out a power line, which struck the pink bike/walk way blasting two smallish holes in it. This all occurred almost directly across the street from Mayor Bob Miller's home.

I don't recall this kind of thing happening when Robb Kahl was mayor!

[The original title of this post - Sidewalk Gets Zapped by Mayor's House - sounded like the mayor's house jumped across the street and zapped the sidewalk, which would be very unusual indeed. So I changed it.]


  1. That would explain the security detail that is shadowing the mayor now. Those anti-chicken types will stop at nothing! I fear posting my name for my own personal safety!

  2. Even god (God, FSM, etc) hates those bump outs.