Monday, May 02, 2011

The BOB Era Begins

The Monona City Council met tonight (May 2, 2011) for the first meeting in Bob Miller's term as mayor. (I can't resist the 'BOB' crack, but it will probably wear thin sooner than chicken jokes.)

The meeting was pretty uneventful and efficient. Let's hope they aren't all like that....zzzzzzzz.

The council adopted all of the following items by a 5-0 vote (Alder Speight was excused for a family illness.)

Consideration of Resolution 11-04-1774 A Final Resolution Authorizing Street Improvements and Levying Special Assessments Against Benefited Properties on Tecumseh Avenue, Neponset Trail, Nishishin Trail, Nishishin Trail NE, and Pocahontas Drive (Public Works Committee).

Consideration of Ordinance 4-11-623 Amending Section 6-1-12 of the Code of Ordinances Concerning Waterway Maintenance (Public Works Committee).

Consideration of Resolution 11-04-1777 Approving an Agreement Granting a Privilege in a Right of Way to Meriter Hospital, Inc. (City Attorney).

Consideration of Resolution 11-05-1778 Approval to Adopt Wisconsin Department of Transportation Equipment Rates (Public Works Director).

Consideration of Resolution No. 11-05-1779 Terminating Tax Increment District No. 3 and Authorizing the City Finance Director to Distribute Excess Increment to Overlying Taxing Districts (Finance Director).
The council also approved the following appointments:

1. To the Park and Recreation Board:

a. Jessica Ace (May 2011–May 2014).

b. Pat Howell (May 2011–May 2014).

c. Greg Anderson (May 2011–May 2014).

2. To the Public Works Committee:

a. Tom Stolper (May 2011–May 2014).

b. Leslie Busse (May 2011–May 2014).

c. Tim Turino (May 2011–May 2014).

3. Chris Homburg to the Plan Commission (May 2011–May 2014).

4. Robb Kahl, Chair, Community Development Authority (May 2011–May 2015).

5. Robb Kahl to the Ad-Hoc Monona Drive Advisory Committee.

6. Kathy Thomas to the Committee on Family Attraction, Retention, and City Promotion (May 2011–May 2014).
The appointments of Robb Kahl are interesting. I think it shows a good deal of confidence on Mayor Miller's part to appoint the former mayor to head CDA and serve on the Monona Drive Committee. I think it's good for the city, but not everyone would put the predecessor in such roles. Good for Bob - err, Mayor Miller.

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  1. I received a comment lambasting a city employee by name. I am not publishing the comment and did not seriously consider doing so in large part because of the harsh tone AND the comment was posted anonymously. I mean, come on, if you want to attack somebody by name, then the very least you can do is identify yourself. Very weak.