Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pony Up - Update: Or Maybe Not

UPDATE: Pending the discovery of more ballots, it appears that the margin is still less than one-half of one percent and thus the taxpayers would (properly, in my opinion) pay the cost of the recount.

And we are lucky that we have Kevin Kennedy as our state elections chief. As noted in this article, Kennedy wants to ensure both an accurate count and transparency to ensure voter confidence in the credibility of the results.

It would also appear that we can put away the conspiracy theories on this error (I refuse to call it a 'flub' as the MJS did in its top of the fold, front page headline this morning. A flub is booting an easy ground ball in an over 40 softball league.) Adding these ballots brings the Waukesha totals more in line with overall voter turnout in the area, whereas it had been low before.) Keep those theories handy, however, because we ain't done counting - or not counting - yet.

Now if Eileen Bruskewitz gains 69,130 votes and beats Joe Parisi by one vote, then get out the pitchforks, warm up the tar and gather the feathers.


The mess in Waukesha County has put Prosser almost exactly far enough in the lead that the Kloppenburg will have to pay for a recount. They are now accepting donations. Go here.


The Brookfield votes give Prosser a roughly 7,500 vote lead, though certification of votes by county officials around the state will continue Friday and likely through next week.

That lead, if it holds, could be a significant number. While Wisconsin does not have a law that automatically triggers a recount in slim victories, candidates do not have to pay for the recount themselves if the margin of victory is less than one half of 1 percent of the total votes cast. In the Supreme Court race, where 1.5 million votes were cast, less than 7,500 votes would have to separate the two candidates for the state to pick up the tab for the recount. Otherwise, there is a $5 per ward fee.

At least it's good to know that high-powered lawyers from DC will cash in on our $#@%&*@#-up election. Think of the money they will spend at our local restaurants!! This is all part of the Governor's savvy plan to add 250,000 restaurant workers to Wisconsin's work force.

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