Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monona City Council Preview - Monday, April 18 and Tuesday, April 19

Here's what's on tap for the last meeting of Mayor Robb Kahl's iron-fisted rule of the city of Monona (Joke Alert, look left):


1. Darren Marsh Regarding Dane County Open Space Plan and Yahara Recreational Trail. The new proposed plan:
The old worn out plan:

E. Public Hearing.

1. To Receive Input Regarding the Proposed 2012-2016 Capital Improvements Program.

F. Consent Agenda.

1. Consideration of 2011 Temporary Class “B” Fermented Malt Beverage and “Class B” Wine Retailer’s License Application for Monona Festival, Inc., President James M. Bisbee, 6304 Roselawn Avenue, Monona, Wisconsin 53716, for the Period of July 2–4, 2011.

2. Consideration of 2011 Temporary Class “B” Fermented Malt Beverage Retailer’s License Application for Monona Grove Business Men’s Association, President Craig Hayes, 2140 Colladay Point Drive, Stoughton, Wisconsin 53589, for the Period of October 8, 2011.

G. Council Action Items.

1. Unfinished Business (Approval Requested Unless Otherwise Noted).

a. Consideration of Resolution 11-04-1771 Approval of 2012-2016 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) (Mayor Kahl). It is likely that the updated capital plan will be tabled or referred back to the appropriate committees. With a new mayor and new council member being sworn in on Tuesday, it seems like we should wait. The capital projects proposed for 2012 and 2013 projects are the critical years because the city usually borrows every two years. However, we will not borrow the funds until probably January 2012, so there isn't any urgency at this time.
b. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1764 Compensating Non-Represented Employees for 2011 Wisconsin Retirement System Contributions (Tabled 4/4/11)(Mayor Kahl). Likely to be tabled pending resolution of the lawsuit challenging the "Collective Bargaining Kill Bill". It might be voted on in such a way that if the law is upheld against the pending court challenges, then this plan is ready to implement.

c. Consideration of Resolution 11-04-1769 Capital Transfer Request for 2011 Winnequah Firemen’s Park Shelter Restroom (Park and Recreation Director).

2. New Business.

a. Consideration of Resolution 11-04-1756 Approval to Purchase Flatbed Truck with Dump Body (Public Works Committee).

b. Consideration of Resolution 11-04-1773 Amending the Capital Budget for Additional Construction Engineering and Administration Services for 2011 Street and Utility Improvements Project (Public Works Committee).


On Tuesday, April 19, besides being Robb B. Kahl Day in the state of Wisconsin, the city council will hold its annual organizational meeting to complete the formalities of the election and swear in the new mayor, Bob Miller, and the three council members who were just elected. The council will elect a new Dear Leader (aka, Council President) and vote on the Mayor's committee assignment for the alders.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM at City Hall (Large Conference Room).

The date is also Waco Day and Oklahoma City Bombing Day and Tom Running's birthday.

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