Thursday, April 07, 2011

Brewers First Look

Went to see the Brewers last night and had a couple quick thoughts. Yeah for the roof. Comfy for an April night game.

The Brewers need to get healthy. They need to get Gomez out of the two hole in the lineup. He's fast and has a strong arm, but cannot hit for average or power and strikes out a huge amount. Betancourt, the new SS, has been touted by some as a good offense/bad or mediocre defense SS. Uh-uh. He can't hit either.

Ryan Braun is a baseball god. Prince Fielder is large, berry, berry large. Chipper Jones can still hit, but needs a golf cart to get around the bases. Axford is scary as a closer. Way too many balls.

Half the lineup will pound the ball, the other half looks godawful. The pitching will need to be as good as advertised for them to make a run. And it should be that good. Hope springs eternal.

Out. Back on the bike today.

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