Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Question Time

Got any questions, random or otherwise?


State politics?


Ask away and I will try to dig up an answer (or make one up if I'm in a hurry).


  1. Doug,

    Now that you know the magnitude of your take-home pay reduction, where will the Wood household be cutting back? In fact, since we have so many public employees in Monona, maybe you should start a thread where people can post how they plan to absorb the $200-$700 cut in take home pay (double that for families with two public workers). This might be illuminating as we discover the effect on local economies and businesses.

    P.S. I sent a similar post last night but the computer was acting badly so not sure it went through. No need to double post!

  2. I invite anyone to submit their plans, but I'm not going to do that because it feels a bit too personal for me to put that out there when others submit theirs anonymously.

  3. I am going to ask Alder Kugle for his thoughts about
    what I should do.

  4. Is there going to be a Princeton Club in Monona?

    About every 2 months I hear the answer flip (yes, no, yes) and the changes, make me thing it will be a no in the end.

  5. What I understand is that negotiations are ongoing between the developer (Homburg) and Princeton Club.