Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Most Important Race

The most important race on April 5, certainly isn't my city council election, or Bob versus Jeffrey for Mayor, or even Joe Parisi over "Eileen" (getting warm though). No, the most important race is JoAnne Kloppenburg's run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court against David "The Destroyer" Prosser.

Go to her website and volunteer. And then vote.


Don't miss this story about Prosser calling the Chief Justice a 'bitch' and threatening to 'destroy her'. He won't even admit he was out of line. Instead he blames the Chief Justice and Justice Bradley for goading him into losing control and thus making a ass out of himself.

The Wausau Daily Herald endorses Kloppenburg in part because of Prosser's "injudicious personality" and in part because of Kloppenburg's work for the Department of Justice:

As an assistant attorney general, Kloppenburg has worked under four attorney generals, both Democrats and Republicans. She has demonstrated an ability to work on legal matters in a nonpartisan way, to work within multiple areas of the law. She has argued before the state Supreme Court in multiple cases.

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