Monday, March 21, 2011

Monona City Council Report - March 21, 2011

Five minute version of the meeting.

a. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1761 Consideration of Recommendations of Ad-Hoc Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Committee for South Winnequah Road (Ad-Hoc Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Committee). On my motion to amend the recommendations, the STOP sign at Frost Woods Road will be removed. A pedestrian crossing sign will be added at that intersection. Otherwise the recommendations were adopted 5-0 (Alder Kugle was excused form the meeting.).

Chief Ostrenga presented data on speeds that show a very substantial increase in speed in the 6100 block (between Greenwood and Graham) after the stop sign was installed at Frost Woods. The percent of traffic traveling 30-34 mph increased from 6% to 23%. The percent of traffic traveling 35 mph or higher increased from 1% to 6%.

This is exactly what study after study says will happen when stop signs are installed even though they are not warranted by objective standards. I blogged it here.) Or go here and look at the graph on page 4,

Discussed (in open session) a proposal to compensate Non-Represented Employees for 2011 Wisconsin Retirement System Contributions. It seems likely to pass at our next meeting based on the discussion. The bigger challenges will come in the 2012 operating budget. I requested that staff prepare a report on all of our likely changes in 2012 revenue . Some revenues for the state are going down, exempt computer aid may be going up, some of the changes may not occur, and there are changes in revenue items not related to the state budget.

We need as clear a picture as possible before we just go along with the governor and put all of the burden of the revenue losses on our city workers. We do have options - most of them stink to some degree or another and they are limited options, but let's know the facts. How big is the city budget shortfall in 2012 likely to be? Seems to me we need to know that before we start whacking city employees' pay.

* c. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1759 Approval of Contract for HVAC Upgrades to City Buildings (Public Works Committee) and d. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1760 Approval of Contract for Window Replacement at City Hall (Public Works Committee). Both approved 5-0.

f. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1766 Award of Contract for 2011 Street and Utility Improvements (Public Works Committee). Approved 5-0.


  1. Come on now. Use the tools the Guv has given you.

  2. "Come on now. Use the tools the Guv has given you."

    I have said it before and will do so again: irony in the written form is very difficult to pull off. If you were trying, it didn't work.

    I assume that you are serious, in which I couldn't disagree more. The "tools" are ways to stick it to public employees. The gift he has "given" us was neither requested nor desired.

    And recall that the "Guv" had help from the Assembly and the Senate. R-E-C-A-L-L. Get it?