Saturday, March 05, 2011

Monona City Council Preview - March 7, 2011

The Monona city council has several items of interest on the slate for Monday evening.

Council Action Items.

New Business. a. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1761 Consideration of Recommendations of Ad-Hoc Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Committee for South Winnequah Road (Ad-Hoc Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Committee). The ad hoc committee is holding one final very brief meeting to approve minor tweaks to the the final recommendations. You can a summary in my previous post. This is a first reading and the council will not vote on it until the March 21 meeting. The recommendations include keeping both stop signs, some signing and pavement marking, but no sidewalk.

We will also convene in Closed Session under Wisconsin Statute section 19.85(1)(e) Deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session (Monona Drive Phase II Land Acquisitions); section 19.85(1)(c) Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility (City Attorney Contract Renewal, Public Works Director Employment Contract).

* c. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1758 Approval of Employment Contract for Public Works Director (City Administrator). The * means we are asked to take action at the first reading. Welcome our new PW Director Dan Stephany to Monona!

d. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1762 Approval of Contract with Bray Architects for Space Utilization and Facilities Study (City Administrator). [City Hall (including the Police and Fire Departments) and the Community Center.]

e. Consideration of Resolution 11-03-1763 Budget Amendment Designating American Transmission Company Funds (Mayor Kahl). These are one-time and annual payments from ATC to the city for environmental impacts. The total impact fees are based on cost of the project. ATC is required to pay 5% of the cost basis as a one-time fee and 0.3% annually. The payment is divided among all of the communities on the corridor. 

In the PSC's 2009 final decision, the cost basis was set at about $219 million with a proviso that ATC could submit more information on the costs within 60 days. ATC submitted a figure of $170 million for the cost basis. Dane County, joined by the city of Madison, petitioned the PSC to increase the total project cost. After hearing from the parties, including ATC, the PSC set the amount on total project cost at about $180 million.

Using ATC's $170 million cost basis, the City of Monona would have received $324,000 one-time payment and $38,880 annually. Using a $180 million cost, by my estimate, Monona will receive a one-time payment of $341,082 and annual payments of $40,930.

It appears that the one-time payment can only be used for "park, conservancy, wetland or other similar environmental programs, unless the commission approves a different use under this subsection."


  1. I remain disappointed that our council has not even entertained the idea of a discussion about the State Budget and its impact on Monona. Other locally elected bodies all over the state are taking positions and speaking out. The MG school board had that discussion. It was difficult but they did it.

  2. I would like to echo the above poster. I guess I am curious to see why you guys don't think it is important enough to even discuss it? From what I understand, this will cost our city REAL dollars. Maybe I am nervous enough for all of us....

  3. I agree with you. I don't have any good excuse, but several mediocre ones. I really thought the budget fight would be over before we got to our March 7 meeting and so never really thought seriously about putting a resolution together.

    I am also aware that if I put it forward, it could seem self-serving as the only public employee on the city council. I was sort of hoping someone else would spearhead it.

    Another factor was my expectation that an anti-Walker budget resolution might not pass.

    There you go; like I said, mediocre excuses.

  4. Well, best of luck to you during your meeting as you discuss stuff like a stop sign and road paint all the while pretending that there isn't a big, giant 1,000 pound elephant standing in the room. I am sorry that somehow we look to you, and only you, as the lone council member who might think this merits a discussion. Very disappointing that nobody else thinks its important enough to discuss.

    I get that a resolution might not pass, but at least we would know where the rest of the council stands. Do you have an "other business" or some such thing on your agenda where you could at least propose it goes on the agenda for the next meeting?

  5. We do have this item on the Finance agenda:
    "Discussion of Impact of Proposed Budget Repair Legislation to City Employees". Related anyway.

    We can't discuss things under Miscellaneous or very, very limited. But, yes, I or anyone could mention that they plan to [propose something at the next meeting.