Saturday, February 05, 2011

Survey Says: Really Close Call

The same computers that were shouting "The Packers will beat the Bears" suddenly have mouths full of oatmeal. The computers give the Packers a very slight edge.

The Sagarin Ratings on USA Today give the Steelers a 0.15 point edge. But, using PURE POINTS (also known as PREDICTOR, BALLANTINE, RHEINGOLD, WHITE OWL) and which Sagarin says "is the best single PREDICTOR of future games", the Packers get a 1.8 point edge.

Accuscore on ESPN cranked through over 10,000 simulations. The Packers win 50%, the Steelers win 49%, and apparently the roof caves in from snow and ice the rest of the time. 

The Octo that called the World Cup expired in extra time.

The wise guys in Vegas require the giving of 3-points if you want to endorse the Packers with money.

Watch the game, try to enjoy it by remembering that it is, in fact, a game (not, however, just a game - let's not get carried away with perspective), and it's a game that you are not playing in nor will anything you do change the outcome of the game.
By Anoop Negi

You could ask this Red Oracle, but she's probably not that up on the NFL.

Is the Oracle of Delphi free? What? Its spiritual fire was extinguished when Apollo worship went the way of the 5 and Dime? That's just swell.

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