Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sunny Under Attack!

According to Dave Blaska in the Isthmus, "The Left" has targeted Sunny Schubert's column in the "Monona Herald" for repression.

Who knew? Apparently there is a "campaign" to oust Sunny in Forward Lookout.

The campaign is here:

A couple of anonymous posters on Forward Lookout led by "Jeff" really don't like Sunny or her columns. The exchange of comments on the post eventually descends into the usual "You're ugly", "You stink" level of most unmoderated anonymous comments.

I did find it interesting, in a ludicrous kind of way, that Blaska conflates anonymous Jeff with the entire Left.

Personally, I usually enjoy at least part of Sunny's columns (that's more than I can say for many writers). If you don't like her column, the remedy is at hand: don't read it.


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  2. I accidentally posted the comment submitted by 'jeff' and have deleted it because I don't want to repeat the same argument here that went on on Forward lookout and Isthmus. Follow the links above if you want to see the argument.

    In part, Jeff's comment says there *isn't* a campaign to oust Sunny from her column. Again, follow the links and judge for yourself, but IMHO, I'd say he is correct on that point.

    Jeff says his larger point is that Sunny should disclose that she also writes for the conservative (reactionary?) Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. I think Sunny covered that pretty well in her column this week. Sunny's a conservative? I'm shocked - shocked! - to discover she's in bed with right-wing reactionaries - let's just call her uber-conservative.