Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Old Farts When They Were Younger

I've been going through old photos and scanning them, mostly old family and friend photos. I have come across a few special Monona photos and, while a little voice is whispering that posting these photos is a bad idea, I can't resist.

I appear to have found something disagreeable inside the pumpkin

Memorial Day Parade 1989. (The date tag in the photo is wrong.)
L to R: JoAnn Hinz, Doug Wood, Don Taylor, Steve Sobitek, Kathy Thomas, and Mayor Dick Lichtfeld.
Dick Reinholdt is absent.

Monona Swearing in, 1989. L to R: City Clerk Audrey Pschorr, Doug Wood, Mayor Dick Lichtfeld, JoAnn Hinz.

Here I am swearing (probably because my necktie is strangling clear thinking).

Jeff Wiswell and Doug Wood at the 1999 Pinewood Derby at Maywood School

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