Saturday, January 08, 2011

Move Over Packers

Monona has a new adult football team, the Monona Warriors. It's interesting that they aren't just about playing football. Their "primary focus will be on the adolescents and young adults of our Community."

Unfortunately, I didn't hear about it until after today's organizational meeting. story.

Here's what they say about themselves:

Warriors Community Outreach

The Monona Warriors is not just about playing football, but to use the appeal of the most popular sport in America to assist local Community Groups.

Even though not exclusive, the Monona Warriors primary focus will be on the adolescents and young adults of our Community.

The Monona Warriors will teach about current research-based educational programs and strategies, which empower young people to overcome at-risk conditions that may threaten their safety, health, emotional needs, or academic achievement.

The Monona Warriors will also pass on the knowledge of proactive solutions and best practices for meeting the serious challenges faced by many of our youth today such as school violence, poverty, learning difficulties, underachievement, achievement gaps, illiteracy, boredom, apathy, low expectations, misbehavior, dropout, drugs, bullying, gangs, teen pregnancy, sexual harassment, racism, and dysfunctional families.

For General Inquiries: (608) 312-2119, or email us at:


  1. Perhaps their games and a coach's show might be on Monona Community Radio, along with Monona Home Talent baseball games, etc....

  2. How 'bout a random question post? That's almost always a good time here in MononaDougLand.

  3. "How 'bout a random question post?"

    I got very few questions the last couple times I tried it, so I kind of dropped it. I'll try it again, but I'm blaming you if it flops again.

  4. 'Warriors'again? The ideal of violent sport is preparation for political and military violence.
    How do we teach youngsters that violence divides us, friend and enemy, them and us. Honor all humanity, not just those we join to do violence to 'others'.
    Some native peoples reject the logo of warrior as pejorative of native cultures...settler use of violence in naming their ideals as violent and teaching it in schools.