Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do You Like to Move It Move It?

I am reposting this after the heart-stopping win over the Bears (I posted it a week ago after Packers win over Atlanta). How can a game be so lopsided and come down to an INT with less than two minutes to go in the games???

By the way, I hate to mention it, but the Packers need to work on their INT celebrations. The entire state of Wisconsin was first screaming at BJ Raji to tuck the ball away - "Please Mr. Raji, stop waving the ball around before you get in the end zone." And then a few minutes later, I could hear you all screaming - err, quietly suggesting to #37, young Mr. Shields, that he should "Get down, get down, GET DOWN!". (The suggestion was intended not as prelude to boogieing. It meant lay down with the ball before it is removed from your grasp by a person wearing a navy blue and white uniform with orange lettering and trim.)

Seriously, these guys have no clue who Leon Lett is or why he is remembered for a blunder in Super Bowl XXVII (that was 1993). McCarthy should crack out that old tape.

After the Packers game, didn't you feel like dancing? (Sorry about the advertising - it's not mine.)

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