Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Bowl (1967)

Ray Scott, Jack Buck, and Frank Gifford. According to them it was cold "just plain cold" at the Ice Bowl. Ray Scott, the Packers announcer, called the first half and Jack Buck, the Cowboys announcer, called the second half on TV. Nice hat, too. Production values have changed just a little.

You had to love Scott's sparse style, "Starr, Dowler, touchdown."


  1. I was there, it wasn't that cold. Great game though! Ok, I wasn't born until '69 but I'm from Green Bay. I'm required to say I was there. I also have a piece of Frozen Tundra in my basement. Go pack!

  2. Funny, the stadium doesn't look like it held 978,000 people, but it must have based on how many people claim that they were there.