Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brewers Blogger Has Local Roots

I recently learned that Jim Breen, the blogger who broke the news about the Brewers' trade for pitching star Zack Greinke, grew up in Cottage Grove and graduated from Monona Grove high school.

Jim's uncle Matt lives in Monona and passed along the news. Jim Breen writes a blog called Bernie's Crew blog. Breen scooped the nation by being the first to announce the trade that brought Greinke to Milwaukee. Breen beat national writers like Buster Olney and Ken Rosenthal as well as Tom Haudricourt, Brewers beat writer for JS Online.
You can also follow him on Twitter.
Along with the earlier acquisition of Shaun Marcum, the Greinke trade propels the Brewers' rotation from a major problem to a major plus. Whereas the Brewers rotation had consisted of one #1 (Gallardo), one #2 (Wolf), and three guys who might be #5's, it now includes two #1's (Gallardo & Greinke), two #2's (Wolf and Marcum), and a #5 (Narveson).

They gave up a lot of young talent in the trade, but they weren't going to get what they needed for Fielder so it makes sense to keep Fielder and go for it in 2011. They do need to shore up the defense up the middle. 

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  1. Doug- From one blogger to another about a third I have to admit a bit of a man crush on this guy.

    And of course you're right Doug about the defense I'm worried the pitching may be wasted with minus defenders at every position, except RF and C where they are average.