Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Quote and a Vote

During the November 15th Monona city council meeting, alder Mike Veserat delivered himself of a memorable quote. Speaking about the proposed electronic outdoor advertising, alder Veserat said “The better question raised tonight (referring to the city council meeting) is whether we should sell our souls for a billboard sign!

Because more than one person has told me that they agreed with alder Veserat on the outdoor advertising sign, I feel compelled to point out for the record:  After issuing the sell-your-soul quote, alder Veserat later voted in support of the sign (technically he voted against an amendment to remove the sign revenue from the budget).

(To be fair, Mike did say that his vote didn't mean he supported the sign, but he didn't want to kill it during the budget. Fair is the enemy of the funny.)

I wasted part of my morning listening to the city council meeting online trying to find the exact times of the quote and the vote without success (due to a lack of perseverance on my part).


Even more disturbing is listening to one's own voice on a recording. Unbeknown to me, the cable guys were obviously messing with the audio to make me sound like a chipmunk with swollen adenoids.

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