Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monona council report

As previewed yesterday, the Monona city council took up the amendments to Mayor Robb Kahl's proposed 2011 operating budget. After adopting most of the amendments that made more or less minor tweaks, the council adopted the budget by a 6-0 vote.

The entire packet is here: http://www.mymonona.com/pages/calendar/details.php/939/city%2Bcouncil%2Bmeeting/2010-11-15/

To view the proposed 2011 Operating Budget, please click here.

No. 11-01 To increase funding for the senior program expense by $1,908 (from fund balance as I recall, contrary to the wording). Passed 6-0.

No. 11-02 To fund a Transit Study. $11,000. Passed 5-1 (Alder Kugle opposed). No. 11-03 Withdrawn; not needed.

No. 11-04 To decrease Rental Income related to Adams Advertising, i.e., passage could have stopped further consideration of the outdoor advertising sign. This is an advertsing sign in Ahuska Park directed at the Beltline. Total effect of the amendment would have reduced revenue by $ 24,000. Failed 3-3. For the amendment (i.e. oppose the sign): Busse, Wiswell, Munson. Against the amendment (support the sign): Wood, Kugle and Veserat.  

The debate on the amendment was muddled by a desire on the part of some members to take a meaningful decision. The decision is far from from final.
I support the sign for several reasons: location facing the Beltline, $24,000 annual revenue to the city in each of the next 20 years, and Parks Board support.

No. 11-05 To increase Legislative professional development by $160. Passed 6-0.

No. 11-06 Withdrawn. Tree replacement is funded in capital.

No. 11-07 To reduce the full time recreation assistant to part-time. Perhaps deciding that the eamendment had generated discussion (as he stated) and maybe also deciding that discretion was the better part of valor - or political survival - alder Veserat withdrew the amendment.

  No. 11-08 Alder Veserat's original proposed amendment to increase property taxes by $78,000+ for a new full-time Marketing Director was amended to a $10,000 increase in the the CDA's outside services marketing budget (up to $20,000). Passed as amended 6-0.

No. 11-09 To decrease executive office other by $1,500. To eliminate purchasing of plaques except for one. Alder Veserat withdrew the amendment, which was intended as a bit of levity. Withdrawn.

No. 11-10 My first amendment to add funds for IT. Description: To upgrade our computer software.
1. Adobe Acrobat (8 upgrades and 2 new licenses) $1,300
2. Upgrade our virus software and add malware protection $4000
3. Upgrade our Office Suites from 2003 to 2010 $12,000

Staff has used 2010 funds to acquire the Adobe Acrobat Pro software so that part was withdrawn. As amended passed 6-0.

No. 11-11 My second amendment to add IT funds. To add $8,000 for Web Maintenance. Passed 6-0.

No. 11-12 Withdrawn. Switch already added in 2010.No. 11-13. To add $6459 for part-time wages in the Cable budget. Passed 6-0.

Consideration of Ordinance 10-10-620 Consolidating Election Polling Locations Into One Location (City Clerk) (Tabled 11/1/10). Failed.


Nonbudget matters:

Approval of Revised Plans for Monona Entry Feature Construction (City Staff) (Tabled 11/1/10). Stayed on the table. It turns out that much of the design proposed by Ken Saiki is not permissible by DOT's rules. (You may assume General Unhappiness with the designer.)

Consideration of Resolution 10-11-1736 Approving the Terms of Contract with the Wisconsin Professional Police Association / Law Enforcement Employee Relations Division (City Administrator). Passed 6-0.

New business
Consideration of Resolution 10-11-1740 Approving the City of Monona’s 25 x 25 Plan for Energy Independence (City Administrator). First reading. Good reading.

Consideration of Ordinance 11-10-621 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 13 of the Code of Ordinances Concerning Signs on City Lands (City Administrator). I have to withdraw my comments about the intent being an end-run around the Plan Commission. The council needs to review and possibly amend the ordinances to allow outdoor advertising signs on the Beltline

Consideration of Resolution 10-11-1741 Approving Municipal Court Hours (Judge Tinker). Passed 6-0.

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