Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Bike Path Over the Beltline

Great news for area bikers. According to, a new bike path will extend across the Beltline and eventually connect with the Military ridge Trail.

"In Dane County, about $2.5 million will help cover costs of a 4-mile Cannonball Path, which will cross the Beltline on Madison's South Side and run on an abandoned Union Pacific rail bed through Fitchburg to the Military Ridge Trail."

This trail provides a much needed additional safe route across the Beltline for bikers.


  1. To be up front, my comment will have nothing to do with what you posted, but I didn't know where else to put it. LOL Just wanted to tell you that William Ambrose Mayberry is one of my great-great grandfathers too. Did you know he was also a reverend? I have some other pictures of him with his wife (our grandma I guess). Can you tell me where you located this photo? I would love to have the photo on my page. My mother's maiden name is Mayberry. I am doing my genealogy right now and it would seem, possibly yours as well :o)

  2. I'd be glad to share what I have. My grandmother's maiden name was Mayberry.

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