Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monona City Council Report - Reader's Digest Version

A Reader's Digest Condensed version of the Monona city council meeting from last night (October 18, 2010).

The council extended the Winnequah Road stop signs for six months to collect more data and to develop a plan to address the speeding and pedestrian safety issues.I supported the extension. The road needs a sidewalk. There seems to be growing acceptance on the the council of that concept, but whether that translates to action or not, I don't know.

H. Council Action Items.

1. Unfinished Business (Approval Requested Unless Otherwise Noted).

a. Consideration of Ordinance 9-10-618 Amending Title 10, Chapter 2 Regarding Bicycles (Police Chief) (Tabled 10/4/10). Approved 6-0.

2. New Business.

* a. Consideration of Effectiveness of Stop Signs on Winnequah Road (Public Safety Commission, Public Works Committee). Extended six months 6-0.

* b. Consideration of Resolution 10-10-1734 Requesting Exemption from County Library Tax (Interim Library Director). Approved 6-0.

* c. Consideration of Resolution 10-10-1729 Award of Contract for Monona Drive Entry Feature Construction (Plan Commission). Approved 5-1 (Veserat opposed). Details, details, details.
* d. Consideration of Resolution 10-10-1728 Purchase of Playground Equipment for Winnequah “Blue” Park (Park & Recreation Board). Approved 6-0. By the way, the original equipment at The Blue Park was paid for by then-city attorney Lee Boushea. His gift was made anonymously at the time, but since that fact was mentioned last night and that happened 19 years ago, I figure it's OK to give the old boy some credit.
e. Consideration of Resolution 10-10-1735 Endorsing an Alternative Emergency Radio System Proposal (Public Safety Commission). Discussion deferred.

f. Consideration of Ordinance 10-10-620 Consolidating Election Polling Locations Into One Location (City Clerk). Discussion deferred.
Entire packet.
The council also began its budget deliberations. I have to admit that I have found very little to dispute in the Mayor's budget. I may offer an amendment to increase the IT budget, but that's about it -  so far anyway. The moderate increase in spending is funded by increased transportation aids, exempt computer aid, and use of fund balances (quite reasonable use of the fund balances; we would maintain a 19% reserve fund).
Te Mayor added half-time positions in Parks/Rec/Community Center and  Senior Center and also increased the budget for senior contracted services.

The Mayor's budget eliminates any funding for the now-defunct Youth Center. I think the proposal is reasonable, but I do worry about where these kids are going and what they are doing. When the middle school was at Winnequah, there was significant use of the Youth Center. I assume the need still exists, but as far as I know there is no place serving this need.
The budget is on the city council page (scroll down). And here's the summary.
The festivities continue tonight.

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