Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watch Joe Chern Explain Why Monona is Great

At the July 19, 2010 Monona City Council meeting, Monona resident Joe Chern described a recent experience that reminded him why Monona is a great place to live.

It involves a ladder, bees, and Monona's EMTs, Gary Clark and Mike Jawson.

Watch it here:

His comments start about the 5:40 mark and last for three or four minutes.


  1. I nominate Joe Chern for Elder of Monona and let it be by acclamation. Some cultures recognize the wisdom of those who need not curry favor or votes to make judgments about the common good.

  2. I grew up across the street from the Cherns and can tell you they are an amazing family, Joe is a character, a neighborhood fixture really, and part of what made my years growing up on Tonyawatha so special. When I look back at those days in Monona I still remember the sight of Joe's houseboat sitting in his drive, wondering if it ever actually went into the water! Glad to see Joe is still a character!