Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strand Associates Picked for Phase Three Engineering Services

The Ad Hoc Monona Drive Committee met this morning to interview three candidates for Phase Three Monona Drive engineering services. The Committee unanimously selected Strand Associates over Foth and Graef.

Phase Three extends from the Pflaum/Nichols intersection north to Winnequah Road and is the middle section of the Monona Drive corridor. Phase Three is the final phase and is planned for construction in 2013. Phase One, extending from Broadway to Pflaum/Nichols, will be completed later this fall and Phase Two (Winnequah to Cottage Grove Road) is scheduled for 2011 2012.

The recommendation must be formally approved by the respective governing bodies of city of Madison, Monona, and Dane County, but each of those entities are represented on the Committee.

MDC Agenda July 10

MDC Packet July 10


  1. Is phase II still schedule for next year? I had thought that it had been pushed back to 2012....

  2. Good catch Travis. Yes, Phase Two will be built in 2012.

  3. Damn. I was hoping I was wrong... :(