Monday, July 05, 2010

Omar Infante??

Batting average: .309
On-base Percentage: .341
Slugging Percentage: .376

One home run in 165 at bats.

Those are the stats of Omar Infante, NL All Star who doesn't even start for the Atlanta Braves.

Do those look like the stats of an All Star? They did to Phillies manager Charlie Manuel who as manager of the 2009 NL champs got to pick the non-starters. [Manuel actually has an interesting baseball manager background, including stardom in Japan where he was beaned (allegedly) to stop him breaking a home run record].
Yahoo is also puzzled.
The fans picked Jason Heyward, another undeserving Brave, which made me wonder if Bobby Cox was making the choices for Manuel. For years, Cox loaded the NL roster with Braves players, both the deserving and the less so.
Infante can play lots of positions, so he's useful, but......

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