Monday, July 19, 2010

Monona City Council Preview - July 19, 2010

The Monona City Council meets tonight after a six week hiatus (or was it seven?) due to the one-meeting-per-month 'summer schedule' (thatextends from May through September).

AGENDA 7/19/10

Among the items to be considered are Consideration of Resolution 10-07-1712 Approval of Settlement with Homburg Equipment, Inc. and Homburg Realty, Inc. (City Attorney). The Homburg companies sued the city over the value of property taken for the Monona Drive project. Out of the many dozens of acquisitions this claim is the only one filed in court.

The council will also likely award a bid for the 2010 Slurry Seal Program (City Engineer). Streets in the program are Arrowhead, Vogts, Tonywatha, Roigan, Shore Acres and Lamboley. See the map for detailes on the locations.

The council will also consider extending the life of Tax Incremental District #3 For the Purpose of Funding Renew Monona Loan Program (CDA). As described in the resolution, under this program the "City of Monona will use funds from the extension of tax incremental district #3 to improve its housing stock and benefit affordable housing using the program adopted by the CDA which offers deferred, 0% interest loans of up to the lesser of $10,000 (or 50% of total improvement costs) to Monona residents or those looking to purchase a home in Monona. Loan funds may be used for making home systems, efficiency, and space upgrades."

The council will also see a Presentation of Draft Designs and Plans for Entryway Feature, Ken Saiki Design, Inc

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