Thursday, July 08, 2010

LeBron James Signs with....Miami?!

Update - Friday July 8. So, Lebron opted for the big money, bright lights, fame, and NBA championships after all and jilted Monona Rec League hoopsters for the Miami Heat. Turns out Lebron thought he city was going to pay him to play rather than charge him a $30 fee to play. A last minute offer by the city to waive the fee fell short of Miami's unspecified free agent offer. The nerve.

Lebron added that he couldn't pass up the chance to play with NBA all-stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, although he conceded that the Monona league did have "a couple guys who played JV in college and aren't too bad."


Original post:

An exclusive item: LeBron James will stun the sporting world tonight on ESPN when he anounces that he is signing up with the City of Monona Park & Rec's Adult Open Basketball League. LeBron says he just is sick and tired of all the high-profile attention, large piles of money, and fawning fans.He hopes the players in Monona will just treat him like a regular guy.

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