Saturday, July 03, 2010

Channel 3000 Launches Monona / Cottage Grove Community Page

Channel 3000 has launched a new community page featuring news and commentary from Monona / Cottage Grove. Channel 3000 is offering 16 such community web pages. Channel 3000 is the web branch of WISC-TV in Madison.

Demonstrating their insight, Channel 3000 invited yours truly, Monona Doug, to participate as community blogger. I will be posting teasers at which will link to original blog post (assuming that one can tease news about the Monona city council when we aren't talking stop signs, chickens, or sidewalks).

As far my blog content goes, Channel 3000's community page will only be providing a path to my blog. My blog won't change. They did promise to triple my blog income. (What's three times zero?).

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