Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Andrew Nath - Caught Doing Good

Monona public library employee Andrew Nath has been busted and dusted - doing good. He and some friends are going to be wandering around the back roads of Iowa (wait - aren't they all back roads in Iowa?) putting on free concerts for seniors.

According to the Sioux City Journal,

Andrew Nath will spend his time away from work crossing the state while making music. He's driving an old John Deere, pulling a flat rack full of musicians. They'll stop and play free concerts almost daily over the next week and a half....

The tour wraps up with a concert July 31 at the World Horseshoe Tournament in Cedar Rapids. Nath has named it the, 'Please Don't Disturb the Livestock Tour.'...

"We'll play primarily for seniors, with a few stops to visit friends and family along the way," said Nath, the son of Roger and Renee Nath of Everly, and Gina Nassif of Cedar Rapids. "There are a few engagements that will be open to the public, which promise to pay just enough to keep gas in the tractor. We're not charging seniors or our family, because the seniors have certainly paid their dues, and our families have had to tolerate us for years."

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