Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Question Time! Sound Your Vuvuzela!

OK, it's time for you guys to do some work and think up stuff for me to write about....I mean, here's your opportunity to ask questions about your community (if you live in Monona, that is).

I can't hear-r-r-r-r-r you. Get out your vuvuvzelas? It turns put that World Cup fans are a bunch of whiners. They don't like this sound... 

South Africa is (are?) proud of it. Besides, don't they always make continual racket during World Cup games? Like, this one. I think you have to be from Argentina to appreciate that one.

On the other hand, you don't want to make these people mad.


  1. Regarding Monona Drive construction-where did the big concrete rubble piles go? Landfill or reused?

  2. Recycled into the concrete being used for the construction.

  3. Why can't the construction crew reopen the right lane of Nichols Drive as you approach Monona Drive? It's been finished for weeks but still they bottleneck the cars.

  4. "Why can't the construction crew reopen the right lane of Nichols Drive as you approach Monona Drive?" I'm not sure, but the switchover to the other side is imminent.

  5. "Who farted?". The smeller is the feller.

  6. Should be banned from MLB games!


    Must have been outside in Miami, not in the concrete dome in Tampa,that would have been real loud.

  7. How is Belle Isle holding up? Is there anything people can do to help them should the water levels pass the threshold?

  8. Why does Jake think it is a good idea to have snack bar middle school students running the top of the slide at the pool? Since the start of the pool there has always been a guard on top.

    Yes, I assume that is his way to cut costs, but at what cost?

    If the pool needs more money, I think there are better ways to cut or expand.

  9. My response is that I trust Jake to run the pool. My secondary response is that I don't think this job really requires a lifeguard. If you do have ideas to cut costs let Jake know.

    Here is Jake Anderson's response:

    Our state code requires that an "attendant" be placed at the top of a water
    slide and doesn't have to be a Lifeguard. In my first two years of running the
    pool, I have been constantly evaluating practices and procedures to help make
    the pool more efficient both financially and operationally. Our lifeguards
    rotate positions every 15 minutes and when they used to sit at the top of the
    slide, it would increase the time of rotations, leaving other guards in one spot
    longer than they should be. After consideration and consultation with other pool
    operators, I decided to staff the top of the slide with Tickets & Concession
    Cashiers, many of whom want to be Lifeguards. They have been trained in the
    rules of the slide and have communication (walkie talkies) with the lifeguard at
    the bottom of the slide. It is my opinion based on what I have seen over the
    past two seasons that a lifeguard needs to be at the top of the slide. Basically
    the person has to know the slide rules, and when to let the person go down the
    slide. There is a financial savings of about $1.50 per hour that we are open.
    I am always willing to listen to residents concerns or comments regarding any
    operations of the Pool, Parks, Community Center, and/or Recreation programs.
    They can contact me directly at 216-7469 or by email janderson@ci.monona.wi.us