Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monona Community Festival Starts Friday

The best festival of the year starts Friday July 2 in Winnequah Park as the Monona Community Festival kicks off three days of, uhh, festivities.

Not only does the Wife Carry return for a third year (or is it four?), but this year the festival committee's never ending search for the novel and the entertaining has brought forth the Cornhole Tournament. Now, I recall  time when that term really wasn't fitting for mixed company - whatever the mixture. The kids these days. Oddly enough, no corn is involved in any way whatsoever. I think it's what geezers would call bean bag toss. Serious stuff; the tournament will be governed by Marquis of Queensbury rules, I mean American Cornhole Association (no kidding, I couldn't make that up). Bring a hillbilly and get in free (not really).

Refreshments will be served during the festival.

Here's the schedule:


  1. The Festival committee dose not make these decisions lightly. The Cornhole tournament is fully sanctioned by the American Cornhole Association (ACA. As such the boards are made to a specific dimension, angled exactly as required by cornhole rules and the CORN bags (as in filled with corn) are the exact weight (as a matter of fact they were purchased from the ACA)

    As an organization that makes it money - money donated back to the city ($5,000 donation to the MPD's K9 fund in 2010)- by selling beer and wife carry competitions, we would hate to do anything to ruin our reputation......

    Enjoy the Fourth!

    Former Pres Turino

  2. "The Festival committee dose not make these decisions lightly."

    I can see that, but maybe you should cut down on the "doses" (we both have a spelling problem, but I get to edit mine out before cracking on somebody else!).

    Ohhh, the bags are filled with corn and the board receptacle thingy has a hole, thus cornhole. Thanks for clarifying. (And boy, I'm just going to pass on some easy off-color observations).