Monday, June 21, 2010

Monona City Council Approves Livesey/UW Health Developres Agreement

The Monona city council approved a Development Agreement with Livesey Company for UW Health Yahara Family Medicine Clinic . The agreement provides a $1.1 million TIF loan for the development of the new UW Health Clinic on East Broadway with a guaranteed asessed value of $10 million. The clinic will be be housed in a two-story, 32,810 square-foot building. Construction is expected to start late this summer. TIF loan payments begin in 2013 and are completed in 2021. See the Herald's earlier story.

The council also approved the appointment of former alder Bob Miller as the new chair of the CDA, replacing Cari Fuss who did a great job on an array of projects in a short amount of time.

The city administrator also announced that Meriter plans to construct a new clinic on Copps Avenue at East Broadway.


  1. that East Broadway, as in, not the location of the retired Hickory Lane park?

  2. Right, the Hickory Lane site never advanced very far before the developer picked another location.