Thursday, June 03, 2010

Computer Died

So, my PC seems to have given up the ghost, gone tits up, passed, passed over, passed away, passed on, croaked, become an ex-parrot, crossed the river Styx, paid Charon's fare, gone to Pluto; in a word: died....

Euphemisms for Death/dead/to die  Listology

Euphemism - Euphemisms for death

Expect delays. Go outside, breath fresh air, do stuff, kill your TV, turn off your PC....well, what are you waiting for? Stand not upon your order of oing but go at once


  1. Sounds like you've entered the post-PC era...

  2. Need help? What did it do?

  3. Come over to the Dark Side, Luke: Buy a Mac. You'll never go back...