Saturday, May 15, 2010

That Rumor You Heard? It's Wrong

Here's a good example why you should not beleive everything you hear. The rumor said that the MG Eagles Youth Football program had put money and sweat into developing a field at Ahuska Park - so far the rumor is true, here comes the part that is wrong - and then the rumor wrongly continued the City of Monona decided to yank the turf out from under them and kill the deal. That part is wrong, incorrect and untrue.

I checked with Monona Park & Rec Director Jake Anderson and both Jake and Denny Davidson, director of the youth football program. To quote Denny Davidson: "As a community we are fortunate to be able to combine our resources and work together...The City is not backing out, in fact they are leading the charge!"

Take note that the community that is working together is the Monona Grove community, three words we don't hear used together often enough.

Jake Anderson provided more details:

"We are working on a facility use agreement that will guarantee them Tuesday night game space at Ahuska that would place them above MGHS Soccer, Youth Soccer, and even Parks & Rec events. They would also like Thursday nights as a rain back up which is the sticking point. The High School would like that as an option if their field is not playable, or if they have Freshman/JV football and need a facility for soccer. They also preferred that there be a certain number of uses in the Fall and Spring by Monona Grove Youth Soccer. Doug, we are making sure that Ahuska Park will be available for Youth Football, High School, Youth Soccer, and Monona Recreation."

The rumor is dead.

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  1. But it has to be true, I heard it on Fox News.