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Monona is Developing

Here is an excellent summary from city planner Paul Kachelmaier on a number of significant development projects underway in Monona. This list pretty remarkable given the state of the economy.

(By the way, Paul has to be one of the longest-serving Monona city employees, but it not true that he wrote the minutes of the first Village Board meeting in 1937. I think he's been around since 1989-ish.)

Commercial Development Summary
April 30, 2010

Menards Expansion and Remodeling at 6401 Copps Avenue
-Menards has completed construction of a new 67,000 square foot drive-thru warehouse to the west of their store building which was opened in late December;
-Menards just completed the remodeling of the south side of the store facing East Broadway to add a new garden center and it opened about two weeks ago.
-They also removed the large screening walls along East Broadway and replaced them with short concrete walls, decorative wrought iron fencing, and decorative lights and new landscaping. 
-Menards said that they will next finish remodeling the interior part of the store that was the drive-thru warehouse into more retail space and re-merchandise the store, and renovate the front façade to look like other new stores, but will wait to do this work until late summer this year since this is their busiest season.
-The construction value of the warehouse built in 2009 was included in TID No. 2, and the value of construction of the store remodeling in 2010 will be part of the proposed TID No. 6.  (See attached photos)

Aldo Leopold Nature Center at 300 Femrite Drive
The Aldo Leopold Nature Center has submitted plans for the development of a 11,161 square foot addition to the center’s educational facilities, on the 20 acres of land they lease from the City of Monona.
-These plans were on hold over the winter but they are now going ahead with them, and just resubmitted plans 4/12/10.
-A revised lease with the City has been approved and they have said they think their funding will go ahead. 
-The building is being partially funded by MG&E which will be building large photovoltaic panels on the roof to produce solar energy.
-The plans are scheduled for approval at the next Plan Commission meeting May 10, 2010, and they want to start construction in late May or early June, and they plan to complete the addition by the end of the year.       
(See attached complete set of plans.  They will also be placed on the City Web site.)

The Princeton Club Xpress Proposed at 6400 Monona Drive
-The Princeton Clubs and owner David Gerry along with Homburg, Inc. have submitted plans to develop a new 5,100 square foot Princeton Club Xpress at 6400 Monona Drive, just north of PDQ.  This is a new express health club concept for them, and the first one is proposed to be built in Monona.
-PDQ bought the site of this old retail strip center and most of the tenants have relocated, many to other locations in Monona including the Right Step Dance Studio, Tobacco Outlet, and USA Nails.
-PDQ will sell the lot to Homburg, Inc. which will develop the site for the Princeton Clubs and own it. 
-The Xpress Club will be open 24 hours a day and members can also have access to the two larger clubs on the east and west side.
-The site plans are scheduled for approval at the next Plan Commission meeting May 10, 2010.  The applicants have said they want to demolish the buildings and start construction in May, and open in October, and coordinate the opening wit the completion of the first Phase of Monona Drive.
-Homburg, Inc. is also requesting TIF assistance from the City for the development project.  (See attached drawings of the building.)
PDQ Expansion at 105 E. Broadway
-PDQ at the corner of Monona Drive and East Broadway has submitted plans to remodel and enlarge their building with a 2,100 square foot addition with a deli and larger convenience store, and add another pump island.  The store will be similar to the PDQ that was recently enlarged on Buckeye Road and Hwy. 51 they said.
-PDQ will also upgrade the exterior of the building and are going to request a matching $10,000 façade grant from the Façade Improvement Program.
-They are shifting their driveway on Monona Drive further north too to provide better access to their pump canopy islands.
-The site plans are scheduled for approval at the next Plan Commission meeting May 10, 2010.  They plan to start construction soon too and finish the project this summer.
(See attached drawings of the buildings.)

UW Health Yahara Family Medical Clinic at the vacant lot at 1050 East Broadway
-The Livesey Company has submitted plans to develop a 34,000 square foot two story UW Health Yahara Family Medical Clinic at the vacant lot at 1050 East Broadway, just east of the retail center owned by Richard Fritz and west of the Chief Auto Parts site.  This new facility will combine the Monona and McFarland Clinics.
-The Livesey company is purchasing the property from Richard Fritz and will develop it and lease it to UW Health.  They have hired Kahler Slater Architects to prepare site and building plans.
-The family medicine clinic will include an imaging department, lab and health education support spaces, and space to be leased for UW Physical Therapy.  The clinic will incorporate new trends in health care the applicants have stated including being designed for patient self-rooming, and containing UW Health’s design for the Medical Home.
-A prehearing conference was held at the Plan Commission meeting 4/26/10.  The Livesey Company said they want to submit detailed plans in early May and request approval by the Plan Commission at the meeting May 24, 2010.
-They want to start construction later this summer and be open in the summer of 2011. 
(See attached set of plans and building elevations which are also on the City web site.)  

Easter Seals Moving to 4201 Monona Drive
-Easter Seals is going to lease the remaining vacant 1,600 square feet of space for their offices in the Medicine Shoppe building at 4201 Monona Drive owned by Bob Rubin.

BD Diagnostics at 2801 Industrial Drive
-BD Diagnostics, which manufactures supplies for the medical and pharmaceutical industry is going to construct about a 360 square foot addition to house a new water filtering system they need for the processing they do.

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  1. Nice! Thank you for the summary.

    I also noticed that the strip mall where Klinke was at on north Monona Drive is being renovated. I think we're going to look much different (better) in 5 years.