Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monona Drive Photos

Monona Drive Photos from May 20, 2010 are available for viewing at Photobucket in this album.


  1. Despite the Big Mess right now, you can kinda see this is going to be really, really nice when finished. Huge improvement that will be good for Monona and the businesses on the drive if they can survive this! Burying the utilities was a really good decision.

    Curious - I've heard varying info on where there will be a boulevard between the lanes. Will it be the length of the drive from Pflaum to Broadway, or just a in certain parts? Someone told me it will be like Midvale Boulevard. True?

  2. The median will extend from Broadway to Nichols with breaks for left-turn bays (and intersections). I don't think it will be as wide as the median on Midvale.

    It looks like we don't have the final typical section on the city web site. Looking into that.

    In the mean tiem take a look at the intersection treatments:

  3. "Intersection treatments." Is that like window treatments? Did you have choice between horizontal and vertical blinds?

  4. Doug-
    Why is the right turn lane blocked off on west-bound Broadway at Monona Drive, near PDQ?
    It causes the traffic on Broadway to back up throughout the day. I swear I'm going down there some night and move those damned barrels...
    Frustrated Area Driver