Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monona Council Appointments

The Monona city council elected Jeff Wiswell Sr. as our council president by a 6-0 vote in a three round vote. Round 1 was 2-2-2 (Wiswell, Kugle, and me). I withdrew and we then tied 3-3 and Dennis withdrew leading to the 6-0 vote.

The council then confirmed the mayor's committee appointments. I was moved off Public Safety and on to Family Attraction, but otherwise stayed on Finance, LRC, SusCom, and Monona Drive. Not sure about others, Wiswell was moved off Public Works, but is on Finance. Newcomer Scott Munson was assigned to Library, Transit, Parks, Family Attraction, and Flood Mitigation.

Mass Transit Authority Veserat & Munson

Plan Commission Busse & Kugle

Public Safety Commission Veserat & Busse

Public Works Committee Kugle & Veserat

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