Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mayor Merges Schools and City

Fulfilling a pledge to do all he can to protect the city's future, the Monona Mayor Robb Kahl dissolved the city today and merged it with a new Monona school district. "We will fill the classrooms if we have to assign retired city employees to take some, uhh, continuing education. The seats may be a little tight at first, but we all have to make sacrifices in these times. I expect this will be easier than implementing a new city logo." New Monona Logo Referred to Committee

Alder Doug Wood suggested that some of the new school-city space could be used for urban agriculture classrooms, reviving a year-old proposal to allow backyard water buffaloes. The Next Step Forward 

The Mayor related that he had modeled his proposal on one to make the mayor of Milwaukee into a school czar. "I thought, why stop there? I can be czar of the schools and the city!" City attorney Bill 'Rooster' Cole has approved a modified version of the mayor's proposal to eliminate the city council and school board. Cole modified the proposal by allowing the Mayor to convene the council or board "if for some strange reason he ever feels like it".

The entire proposal is pending further medical review. "After all", mused Cole, "who in their right mind would want the responsibility to run the school district and the city?"


  1. On one level you have a point-

    I find it strange that you dip your toe into school board issues, take it out and then put it back in to the water.

  2. No, I don't have a point. It's an April Fool's Day joke.

  3. "On one level you have a point-"

    I knew that-that was my point my dear watson.

  4. Hmm, that's rather pointed. If I had a point it was too poke fun at local politics, the mayor, myself, and especially the city attorney. (There I go again...)

  5. Yea, I got that-
    the first time.

  6. Unfortunately, I don't think the H-I letter that was supposedly from both Dennis Kugle and Jeff Wiswell was an April Fool's joke. Why is it signed by both but mostly written in the first person singular?

    Equally puzzling, This is demeaning to our hard working highly dedicated city employees.It is the job of the city council, like any legislature, to make decisions and set policies, and it is up to the executive branch of government to implement those decisions to the best of their ability. When a project might not go well, or a contractor or their workers might not perform correctly it is not the fault of the legislative branch of government.

    Don't we have an elected council and mayor who have the power to hire and fire the people who administrate our city? What, exactly, is the "executive branch?" Is that the mayor? So are they saying it is the mayor's fault when city administration mess up? Or are they saying the city administration is responsible for itself and there is no elected officials for whom the buck stops their desk? I am so confused....

  7. Anonymous: I posted your comment about the exchange of letters to the editor between former alder Speight and alders Wiswell and Kugle under a new post on that subject.