Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sports in Your Shorts

Holy Cow! What is going on around here? I caught myself feeling a twinge of interest in the Milwaukee Bucks this morning. (Who knew that the Bucks even have their own web site?) Quick name three Bucks. (Michael Redd doesn't count because he's hurt again.) To paraphrase the words of Jim Mora, "Playoffs?! The Bucks in the Playoffs?".

OK, here's the link: Playoffs??? The Sound Byte  or try this web site that is devoted entirely to Jim Mora and his goofy rants:


And the Badger women advanced to the Big 10 semifinals by walloping Purdue, 73-51. Can Wisconsin can knock off #10 Ohio State today? If that happens, don't hurt yourself jumping on the bandwagon. (I'm in danger myself, hanging halfway on, but keeping one foot on the ground).


And then there's this story (that I can post without guilt because I have posted about women's hoops before this incident): Is two games a long enough suspension for doing this? Baylor coach: Griner a remorseful 'gentle giant'. Besides busting up this girl's grill, Griner also happens to be really, really good.


Spring training is and baseball is back with its own brand of goofiness. Barry Zito, the bum, plunked Prince Fielder in his ample hindquarters on Thursday in retaliation for this great stunt - all fall down - the Brewers pulled off....last season.


The greatest fortnight in sports is underway - Championship Week followed by the first two rounds of the NCAA men's tournament.Champ Week 2010 - Men's College Basketball - ESPN


A unique look at who's announcing the games on TV.

And don't miss Monona's 2010 NCAA Pool. It's free, it's fun (especially if I win) and there's no money involved.


Finally, do kids still play dogpile anymore? 

No, not the search engine! And look at that second definition in the Urban Dictionary: a: a literal pile of dogs, b: dog doo, c: what I call a bunch of different kinds of dogs in one setting.

Of course kids no longer play that great American sport and that's just result of America falling under the sway of 1960's left-wing liberal moral relativism, isn't it?

Well, it's all so obvious when you hear it explained by these Deep Thinkers: Falwell and Robertson Blame Liberal America

Limbaugh said Virginia Tech shooter "had to be a liberal" | Media ...

Dinesh D'Souza blames liberals for 9/11

Enough already. Molly Ivins sets 'em straight:

(6/23/99) Defending Guns, Blaming Liberals


One final click. Dogpile on the Rabbit (to hear the audio click on dogpile.wav). 

Make it one more click to see the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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